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Kymdan Deluxe Mattresses exported to Australia are approved as an Osteopathy Australia endorsed product.


Dr. Rodney Rowe, Australia

"As an Osteopath, I always recommend my patients to use a Kymdan mattress as a method of increasing the success of their treatment. I have found that Kymdan mattresses have an optimum firmness and elasticity level that is required to fully support the user’s spine. Kymdan mattresses are not only beneficial for supporting the spine of those with spinal diseases but are also suitable to the spinal development of growing children. Furthermore, Kymdan mattresses are also beneficial to adults and elderly people during their spinal degeneration process, by helping to maintain a correct sleeping position and keeping the spine straight in a natural way. I have complete faith in the outstanding qualities of Kymdan mattresses and highly recommend everyone to use a Kymdan mattress as a method of protecting the health of your family’s spine."

For an adult, 2/3 of a day is spent on daily activities. During this time, to maintain the natural curvatures of the spine, doctors recommend keeping proper postures such as: not bend forward when lifting and carrying heavy objects, keep a pillow between their seat back and waist if sitting for a long period, etc. The wrong postures during daily activities will cause high compression and damage to spine. In the long run, it can lead to back pain and spinal diseases.

Sleeping accounts for the remaining 1/3 of the day allowing the body to recover after a hard working day so that it can fully relax and rest (aligns the spine to its natural curves). Therefore, choosing the mattress is essential.

In addition, the body mass of each person is different; therefore, in order to provide the appropriate products for each customer’s different needs, Kymdan has researched and produced mattresses with 3 foam density levels which support users’ spine in every laying position:

Foam Density Level 1 (SDH):

Foam Density 10.9 - 12.5 lb/ft3 mattresses are suitable for regular use by the average customer who range in age from newborns to adults and weigh less than 80kg (<176 pounds). 

Mattresses are not compressed or sunk by users who weigh less than 80kg (<176 pounds).


Foam Density Level 2 (SH):

Foam Density 11.2 - 13.1 lb/ft3 mattresses are suitable for customers weighing 80kg - 100kg (176 pounds – 220 pounds); customers with minor spinal complications and spinal degeneration (or back pain).

Mattresses are not compressed or sunk by users who weigh 80kg - 100kg (176 pounds – 220 pounds)


Foam Density Level 3 (SSH):

Foam Density 11.9 - 13.7 lb/ft3 mattresses are suitable for customers weighing over 100kg (>220 pounds) and customers with serious spinal conditions.

Mattresses are not compressed or sunk by users who weigh over 100kg (>220 pounds)

Please note: For patients with spinal diseases should contact doctors or specialists to receive appropriate advice and treatment. Kymdan mattresses only assist in enhancing the treatment process.

Thank you for your interest in Kymdan products