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Kymdan since 1954


Kymdan is a prestigiously renowned manufacturer specializing in the production of natural latex mattress and pillow products.

Through 70 years of operation, Kymdan is known by consumers as a reputable brand for their natural products that are; unique, environmentally friendly and safe to use. The Kymdan brand is trademarked in 103 countries and territories.

Combining advanced technology and our very own proprietary manufacturing techniques, Kymdan natural latex mattress and pillow products embody outstanding features to deliver exceptional comfort.

In addition, Kymdan natural latex mattress products are specifically designed with a unique structure and high elasticity to provide optimal support, helping to maintain the three natural curvatures of the spine. They are highly recommended for use by Osteopath Specialist doctors to assist in the treatment of patients with spinal diseases.

We strive to ensure product safety is achieved in every Kymdan product.

Kymdan mattresses are fire retardant, as signified by our Import License issued by the Bureau of Household Goods and Servies, California, USA (where product fire retardancy is a compulsory requirement of the import license). Since being issued in 2004, this import license has been routinely renewed and is currently valid until 2025.

Additionally, the natural latex foam of Kymdan mattresses is Bacteria Resistant (following test method ISO 22196-2011) and Mold Resistant (following test method (ASTM G21-15), as validated by testing conducted by Bureau Veritas, USA (Test report # (5120)274-0161).

Applying strict standards, Kymdan strives to achieve the highest level of product quality and safety in every product that we supply to the global market. Our devotion to quality and business integrity has earned Kymdan the respect of the industry and the trust of consumers for 70 years.


Our Quality, Your Comfort.

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