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Kymdan mattresses are manufactured in accordance with US import standards and covered under a 15-year limited warranty.

Kymdan makes no warranty for:

  • Any pillow types (Kymdan Pillows, Kymdan SoftTouch Bolsters)
  • Smaller custom sized mattresses (mattresses with a length and width less than 55.12 inches/140cm)
  • Kymdan Mattress Covers
  • Kymdan Bed sheets
  • Kymdan Mattress Protectors
  • Kymdan Towels


Within 15 years from the original date of purchase of a Kymdan mattress, if you find and report to Kymdan that the mattress has flattened, stiffened, hardened, crumbled or decayed with no misuse on your part and the claimed defect is confirmed by Kymdan, then Kymdan will replace the mattress. 

See instructions on How to make a warranty claim

Flattened, stiffened, hardened, crumbled or decayed means that the mattress can no longer return to its original shape immediately after standing, sitting or laying on the mattress for an extended period.

This video clip, performed at Kymdan’s factory, testifies for high elasticity of Kymdan mattress with a 10-ton roller moving back and forth 200 times.

Please Note: We advise that you keep all proof of purchase documents and your warranty certificate to support your product’s warranty.

Kymdan Mattresses (Deluxe, Special Deluxe Pillow Top) ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY for:

  • The yellowing of a mattress core (latex mattresses turn yellow naturally due to aging).
  • Use or maintenance of that did not comply with the User Guide instructions provided in the warranty certificate (see user guide instructions).
  • Damage due to any other misuse, including but not limited to:
    • Being exposed to sunlight (due to the deterioration effect of sunlight’s ultraviolet light on natural latex).
    • Soiling or odors from food, liquids or dirt.
    • Damage dueto application of excessive forces of 200kg/dm² in any form.
    • Damage due to exposure to heat sources including, but not limited to irons, hot-air hair dryers, heaters, heated blankets, etc.

For complete information of Warranty, please see Limited Warranty in Terms and Conditions.



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Mattress durability of up to 25 years if used and maintained well
The use of Kymdan Mattresses is efficient and economic

Thank you for your interest in Kymdan products